Tell Me About Yourself (Done Right)

If you’ve experienced an interview before, you probably know some of the questions you can expect: “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “What attracted you…

How To Speak With Authority At Work

I learned this fantastic confidence tip on how to speak with authority from one of my lovely work buddies. At work, I noticed he always…

Speaking up and influencing, without stressing out!

I’ve had a rollercoaster of emotions over the past few weeks as I’ve been struggling to communicate effectively at work. I’ve particularly been finding it…

Learn How to Write Killer Post-Interview Thank You Notes

Get your dream job by using proper etiquette and wowing the hiring manager! Here you’ll learn how to write killer post-interview thank you notes. Let’s…

10 Tips to Breeze Through Your Next Phone Interview

No one enjoys sitting through a phone interview. Even if you are great at regular interviews, you are probably nervous about speaking to a hiring…

How a Mentor Can Help You Up the Career Ladder

Starting a career in any industry can feel like being on the bottom step of a ladder. In the coming years, you will attempt to…

11 Easy Ways to Stand Out and Get Noticed at Work

Perhaps you started a new job and you want to stand out from everyone else. Or you have spent the past few years at the…

The NEW way to write a resume to get a job interview!

In this post, I will share the NEW way to write a resume to get a job interview. So WHY is there a NEW way…

Amazing & Fun Bullet Journal Page Ideas Ultimate List 2019

Here’s my ultimate list for 2019 of amazing and fun bullet journal page ideas to rock your work and life! Bullet journals can be life…

How to Use a Bullet Journal for Superior Organisation

Keeping up with the demands of a busy schedule can be challenging. There are many instances where you may forget about a meeting, social event…

15 Things You Can Do Every Sunday for a Fantastic Work Week!

Don’t get me wrong – Sundays are perfect for spending a relaxing day at home. Perhaps you do some laundry, watch a few shows on…


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