Play to Your Strengths for Quick Performance Results

Play to Your Strengths for Quick Performance Results

Everybody has at least one thing they are great at. Do you know what your strengths are?

Getting to know what you’re good at and playing up to those strengths can help you:

1. boost your performance by up to 50%
2. provide a fast route to good performance and recognition in a new role.
3. craft your role, so you capitalise on what you are good at.
4. be happier and more productive at work and it’s easy, you’re good at this anyway.
5. if you feel like you’re not confident at work. Try strength building and see the fantastic results.

What are your strengths?

  • write down 3 of your strengths
  • write down 2 instances when you have used each of these strengths in an impactful way

What do others say your strengths are?

Things that you take for granted other people see so ask the those around you what your strengths are.

Ask a variety of the people you interact with:

  • what do you think I’m good at
  • please share an example
  • If you needed help with something specific what would be the specific thing that you’d call me for?

Just hearing others share what fantastic strengths you have will boost your confidence.

Plan to play up to your strengths

For each strength:

1. write down how you will play up to this strength. Think of opportunities where you can do this and when.
2. Set a timeline for playing up.
3. Assess how well you’ve done and then refine for peak performance as required.

I’m not suggesting you ignore your weaknesses but playing to strengths can help you achieve quick wins.

Although Tom Rath said, “if I spent my life trying to be good at everything, I would never be great at anything.”

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Play to your strengths for quick performance results

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