Get to Know You! – What’s Your Personality Type?

Get to Know You! - What's Your Personality Type?

I only discovered Personality Tests last year, and it became a huge talking point for me as you can easily recognise your traits against those of friends, colleagues and family members who also take the test. They are incredibly accurate and fantastically eye-opening.

The most recognised personality test is Myers Briggs which is a series of multiple-choice questions that you answer online to identify which personality type you are. There are 16 personality types in total, and once you know what type you are, you can determine the particular characteristics of that type, the way you typically think and behave in certain situations like work or romance and what type of job roles might suit your personality type.

Getting to know how you naturally think can help you identify possible career choices as well as your weak spots leading to pointers for personal development and better career planning.

Facet5 is another well-known personality test that’s similar to Myers Briggs and often used in companies to assess how individuals can work better together as a team. Both of these tests you pay for.

The best free test I’ve found is at 16 personalities.

You will love this because it also gives some identifiers of which careers might suit you. It highlights what your weak spots are so that you can use small behavioural changes to play against them. To get an accurate result answer all questions quickly and honestly.

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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Get to know you! What's your personality type

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