11 Ways To Get Ahead at Work

11 Ways To Get Ahead at Work

I attend “Women into Management” events in my role as a Learning Manager and I get some awesome tips at these events on how women can get ahead at work.

Here are my top 11 insights on what you can do to help you move up the career ladder and get ahead at work:

  1. Have confidence in yourself – you got the job because you’re the best candidate and you deserve it
  2. Create a network at work and in your industry or your line of business
  3. Create an expanded network outside of work – this could be through outside interests, clubs, orgs. or online
  4. Building strong relationships is critical, so make friends wherever you go
  5. Use your contacts to help you influence
  6. Resolve conflict by listening and coming to an agreeable solution
  7. Stand out – it’s not always who you know, but who knows you
  8. Speak slower, with clarity and a strong voice to command authority
  9. Find a mentor – someone to guide you and check your thinking
  10. Don’t stop yourself moving on by being loyal to your manager and team
  11. Support each other, help your fellow sisters!

Doing just one of these better can help to give you the edge. I’m going to be writing more on each of these insights over the next few weeks.

I’d love to hear from you so let me know if you have any insights to add to this list.

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11 ways to get ahead at work

Use these 11 ways to help get a promotion at work, climb the career ladder by taking this career advice and putting it into action. Work tips and career advice for women, become the boss girl in your job! #careeradvice #howtogetapromotion | Career advice, How to get a promotion, Work tips

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