10 Questions You Should Never Ask In A Job Interview

questions not to ask at a job interview

To have a brilliant interview and GET HIRED you need to create a fantastic first impression for your interviewer. At the end of every interview, you will be asked: “Do you have any questions for us?” It’s mega important to choose the right questions to ask at the end of your interview so I’ve created a list for you here:

In this post, I’ll share 10 questions you should NEVER ask in a job interview!

To create a fantastic first impression for your interviewer, you need to do two significant things:

1) Prepare for your interview

Preparing for your interview will give you the best opportunity to get the job.

There’s likely to be stiff competition and taking the time to prepare thoroughly will give you the confidence to rock your interview.

Don’t underestimate what proper preparation can do for you. This is the first time you’ll meet your possible future employer, and they will always remember the first time they met you!

If you WOW your new employer in your interview, they’ll be looking forward to you joining their team and will tell everyone about you before you even start work.

For more on prepping for your interview read my post:

2) Have a positive attitude

Absolutely ALL employers are looking for an employee with a positive attitude.

Your positive attitude needs to shine through in your interview. That’s why there are specific questions you should never ask in the interview.

If you really want the job then steer clear of asking interview questions that appear self-serving and as though you are not solely interested in working for the company. Hiring managers want to offer jobs to candidates that really want the role and want to work for the company.

Questions that show you have not prepared for your interview or look like you have a poor attitude will reflect badly on you and you are likely to fail at your interview.

Here are 10 questions you should NEVER ask in a job interview:

These show lack of preparation:

1. What does your company do?

2. Who are your main competitors?

These show you to have a poor attitude:

If you ask these questions you will appear as you more interested in how the company can benefit you rather than how you can benefit them.

3. How much is the salary?

Of course, you want to know exactly how much you will be paid for the job. If it’s not clear in the job spec or they don’t give a specific rate but rather a salary range then ask the recruiter.

For a deeper insight into how to get the best salary or rate for a job read my post:

If there is no recruiter, let the employer ask you what salary you are looking for but DO NOT ask them. Let them offer you the role first and negotiate then.

Point to note here, if you have negotiated with the recruiter before the interview Do Not try to renegotiate afterwards. You will upset the recruiter and possibly the hiring manager. I’ve seen offers withdrawn on numerous occasions when people try to renegotiate as the recruiter and hiring manager will think you are wasting their time. It will look bad on you, and it’s a small world and recruiters don’t forget and are surprisingly well connected.

You get one shot at negotiating so make sure you do it correctly the first time!

Similarly, these questions appear equally self-serving:

4. Can I work flexible hours/days?

5. Can I work from home on occasions?

6. What holiday/vacation entitlement is available?

7. What’s the maternity leave entitlement?

These show a lack of interest in the job you are applying for:

8. What other jobs do you have available here?

9. How quickly can I get promoted?

These questions will make the interviewer think that you have something to hide:

10. Do you check references or conduct background checks before hiring someone?

These are 10 questions you should NEVER ask in a job interview! There are more questions you should avoid asking but these are the biggies.

When you prepare for your interview and choose questions to ask at the end of the interview; ask yourself if asking the question will look like you’re not prepared for your interview?  Or will it make you look self-serving or like you have something to hide?

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Asking intelligent questions at the end of your interview is so important. Here\'s a list of 10 questions you should NEVER ASK in your job interview as they will stop you getting hired! #jobinterview #interviewquestions #interviewquestionstoask

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