How To Craft An Elevator Pitch In 30 Seconds

Elevator pitch in 30 seconds

Crafting an elevator pitch is a brilliant way to get clear on what you do and how you help people. An elevator pitch helps you explain what you do with certainty to people who are interested in getting to know you. It’s easy to create an elevator pitch in 30 seconds!

An elevator pitch is a “must have” if you are:

  • Looking for a new job
  • Creating a business and brand
  • Networking or partying 🎉

Looking for a new job

When you’re looking for a new job, you need an elevator pitch to attract recruiters and hiring managers and capture their interest from the first bit of dialogue you have with them. It’s a bit like answering “tell me about yourself” but the short, snappy version.

Creating a business and brand

When you create your business and brand, you need to convey pretty quickly what you do and how you can help the people you serve. You use your elevator pitch when you meet people, in introductory emails, in promo material or on your website.

Networking or partying 🎉

Networking or partying is much easier when you have an elevator pitch to grab people’s attention when you introduce yourself. Your elevator pitch should be a good conversation starter and help you to make friends and contacts quickly!

What is an elevator pitch?

It’s a statement that wow’s the people you meet and gets them interested in you. It’s a few lines about who you are and what’s unique about you.

Rock Your Life Method

How to craft an elevator pitch in 30 seconds:

I work with (insert your ideal clients/customers/the people you serve) by/ helping them (add a couple of words describing your mission of what you do) so that they (enter a clear description of the results your ideal clients/customers/the people you serve want to experience).

Here’s the one I wrote for the coaching I do here at Work It Sister:

I coach women who’ve had major setbacks in their career, relationships and health and feel like they’ve lost their mojo to ROCK their lives with the ROCK YOUR LIFE METHOD!

That’s how you create an elevator pitch in 30 seconds. Tell me yours in the comments below…

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