Ways To Calm Anxiety When Social Distancing

Ways to calm anxiety

The way we are living life now is different. There’s a level of uncertainty as we try to adapt to social distancing. It can be stressful! Here are some super simple ways to calm anxiety…

Life was different yesterday. We could go about our daily business without much fear. Today we are social distancing. We don’t want to catch or spread this highly contagious disease as we know it can be deadly for the vulnerable members of our community.

In an effort to reduce the number of people needing care in the hospital we are social distancing and staying in to save lives.

Our daily routines are changing.

Plans we have made cancelled.

There’s uncertainty, frustration and anxiety.

Each time I feel anxious I think of those people out there working hard to help us right now 🙏

I’ve also been thinking of calming techniques to help reduce anxiety while we’re social distancing.

Ways to calm anxiety:

🌷 I’m a big control freak so I’m creating a new routine for myself to get some stability and give back that feeling of being in control!

🌷 Asking “what do I need right now?” snaps us out of worry to enable us to focus on the here and now. The answer might be as simple as taking a pause to have a cuppa☕️🍰

🌷Choosing an affirmation like “I GOT THIS” or “I Feel Calm and Relaxed” can help to chill the mind.

🌷Meditating, sound baths, yoga nidra (a yoga sleep😴) to relax the mind, body and soul. You can find them free here at Insight Timer

🌷Yin yoga or restorative yoga to help the heart rate lower and the nervous system to reset.

🌷A footbath with hot water and a bit of sea salt is amazingly grounding.

🌷Night-time routine, no screen time 2-hours before bed and a bath with Epsom salts and chillout music.

What are your ways to calm anxiety? Drop them in the comments below 👇👇👇👇👇

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