About Jo, the Creator of Work It Sister!

I’m Jo, the creator of Work It Sister and a Career, Relationship and Healthy Living Coach on a mission to help women reach their goals and dreams so they can live the happy life they want to live with confidence!

I created Work It Sister after my own lack of confidence stopped me from going for a promotion at work.

When I finally had a word with myself and changed my mindset and started to believe in myself, I was able to present myself as the Learning Manager that I wanted become.

I went through the process of branding myself as a Learning Manager, updating my resume and LinkedIn profile and seeking my dream job.

I GOT THE JOB and became a Global Learning Manager for a huge bank. My life changed, I got more money, more confidence and a great promotion! I realised quickly that I should have done that years before. The only thing holding me back was ME.

Work It Sister was born and you’ll see in my blog pages I write posts to help you get your dream job too!

I wanted to do more than just write to support women to reach their potential so I recently trained as a Career, Relationship and Healthy Living Coach.

I quickly realised that many of the amazing women I have been coaching have a similar lack of confidence that stops them from achieving what they really want to achieve. I’ve also seen how many of us carry unhelpful thoughts throughout our life that get in the way of our true greatness and stop us from living a truly fulfilling life.

Although we may have a block in one area of our life like career, relationships or health, often the block we have and the thing that is stopping us from moving forward started in another area of our life and normally some years before.

That’s why I created the ROCK YOUR LIFE METHOD! 

I created the 10-week ROCK YOUR LIFE METHOD to help the women I work with get clarity on who they are and what they want in life, remove the blockers and negative self talk that is holding them back and regain the power within them to create the success they deserve and enable them to say with confidence “I ROCK MY LIFE!”

This is a life changing method where I work with women to deep dive into the big three areas of their life, their career, relationship and health. They are able to create a whole new life for themselves and gain enormous confidence.

If you want to BECOME THE NEW YOU & ROCK YOUR LIFE apply here!

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If you have anything to say, whether a simple ‘hello’, a line or two of feedback or advice about a topic, an event or place you feel I should include on Work It Sister, please get in touch at jo@workitsister.com

I am a collaborator and always keen to discuss new ideas and projects so if you would like to work with me, please contact me at jo@workitsister.com

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