Jo Clark, Career Coach & Creator of Work It Sister!

I’m Jo Clark, a meditation and yoga-loving Career Coach living in London.


I learned to be a coach after I spent 5 years too scared to level-up and get a better job with a bigger salary.

Anyways, I finally shook off my self-doubt and got my shizzle together and I took the necessary steps to get the job and promotion I wanted.

Then I immediately realised that I should have made the leap years before.

The only thing holding me back was ME!

That’s when I learned to be a coach and made it my mission to help propel women to get the amazing career they want right NOW!

That’s right, it’s my mission to help as many women as possible take a career leap with confidence so they can realise their worth and get hired in a job they love with a bigger financial rewards!


I was a No 1 recruiter for 7 years and I’ve reviewed 1000’s of resumes and spent 1000’s of hours on Linkedin searching, finding and vetting candidates for jobs.

I’ve placed 100’s of job seekers at all levels on projects for global and national companies in almost every industry.

Accenture, ATOS, PWC, NHS, Post Office, Orange, Vodaphone, Axa Insurance, Barclays, Gap, IBM, BT, Jaguar Landrover, Woolworths, MOD, Court Services, Financial Ombudsman, Cap Gemini, Logica, Sainsburys, Bankers Trust, JP Morgan, British Airways, Royal & Sun Alliance the list goes on.

I’ve placed people at over 100 companies and you will have heard of most of them.

This means I know how recruiters and hiring managers operate and what they look for when selecting candidates.

I’ve also been a job seeker. I became a contractor for 10 years changing jobs yearly to work on huge L&D projects ranging from the London Olympics training 40,000 people to Banks training 20,000 people globally.

I’ve had two successful careers before coaching, one in recruitment and one in L&D earning £6 figures in both.

Now I show my clients how they can easily get the successful and fulfilling career they desire using the same winning strategy.

My program Career Leap With Confidence specifically help you realise your worth and get hired in a job you love with bigger financial rewards!

Without you having to be super confident or know what exact steps you need to take to get the career you want. This is a proven, easy, step by step system that works. I’ve done the hard work for you!

As your Career Coach it’s my job to turn you into a high-value perfect candidate so you land more interviews and get a higher value job – so USE ME AS YOUR RESOURCE 🙋🏼‍♀️

Don’t let your fears about time and your worth keep you from seizing the opportunity RIGHT in front of you.

Your success matters to me and I’ll be right by your side all the way!

💜 If you’re ready to take a “Career Leap With Confidence” let’s chat, book a call with me here Book A Call With Me πŸ™‚ 💜

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