Here at Work It Sister, I will share the tools and practical tips to help you get the job you want, raise your profile, be at your best and build confidence for work and life. I will also collaborate with some of the fantastic people I have met through my career in recruitment and learning to share some of their expertise with you.

We all need an antidote to work and I love yoga, meditation, exploring happiness or discovering new things – I’ll share these with you too.

Here’s to awakening work and life’s potential, come and join me!!!

About Jo, the Creator of Work It Sister

My journey to create Work It Sister started on a girls holiday in Obonjan, Croatia – a truly magical island. Away from my daily routine, while reconnecting with old hobbies and exploring new ones, I started to view my life back home through a different lens and recognised I needed to make some changes.

I started my career 20 years ago in recruitment. I was a number one recruitment consultant for 5 years, recruiting hundreds of trainers for the largest training projects in the UK. Recently I’ve been working as a learning project manager, and most of my work involves collaborating with amazing people and organisations developing first-class learning for global companies. I’ve created learning experiences for many household names, many technology companies and I was privileged to manage the training centre for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, where we trained 40,000 games makers on how to perform their role.

I have gained lots of experience and skills on huge and complex learning programmes, but in all honesty, I still sometimes lack the confidence at work that I would like to have. I sometimes shy away from applying for more senior roles because I can’t do absolutely everything it says on the job spec. I have a terrible habit of stopping myself from reaching my full potential, and I know I sell myself short.

I decided three things in Obonjan:

 I will start to believe in myself, promote myself and push myself to gain more senior roles in the future.
 I will create some learning outside of my work environment for women that need it and will strive to do a charity project where I can give something back.
 I will continue to try new things outside of work to keep life exciting and to hopefully meet some fantastic people along the way.

As I started my journey to achieve these three goals and to work on improving my confidence while raising my profile to get the job I really want, I decided to document what I have learned to help other women in a similar situation to my own and create Work It Sister.

Contact Me

If you have anything to say, whether a simple ‘hello’, a line or two of feedback or advice about a topic, an event or place you feel I should include on Work It Sister, please get in touch at jo@workitsister.com

I am a collaborator and always keen to discuss new ideas and projects so if you would like to work with me, please contact me at jo@workitsister.com

I do on occasion mention products that I like that have affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I’ll receive a percentage of the sale as compensation. The good news? It doesn’t cost you any extra! All opinions are my own and I include the links to make it easy for you to see the products for yourself.

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