Learn 10 Things in 10 Minutes to Boost Your Productivity

Boost Your productivity

If you will just give me ten minutes, I can give you ten solid ways to boost your productivity no matter what your goals may be!

Everyone hopes to be successful and productive, regardless of what that means for them personally. It could be at college, work, personal projects or any combination of the three!

That said, it can be difficult finding and maintaining motivation and make sure that your full potential is being reached when it comes to productivity levels.

Here are 10 Things to Boost Your Productivity:

Prioritize Everything

Everyone can vary in the way they would sort their priorities, even if they are sorting through very similar tasks and responsibilities.

It is extremely important to make sure you take a moment to reflect and figure out what that means to you specifically. Does family come first? Work? Personal development?

The answer may even change at different points in your life, so it’s important to stop and check in with yourself to make sure that you are prioritizing all of your tasks and responsibilities in a way that stays true to what is most important and pressing in your life at any given time.

By keeping your priorities in check, you can keep your stress levels down and focus instead on getting everything done in an order of importance.

Understand Levels of Urgency

Similarly, it is important to evaluate all of the tasks and needs in your life and to sort them by the level of urgency.

If something has an impending deadline, pertains to a high-priority area in your life or simply needs to be done right away to ensure peace of mind, it is important to turn your attention to that first.

For instance, if you have a personal project with no deadline, a work assignment that is due by the end of the week, and a cluttered work and living space, it may be in your best interest to prioritize cleaning so that you have a clear and distressed mind and then starting on the assignment with a deadline.

Boost your productivity by recognizing the more pressing urgency of one task does not devalue another, it simply helps you organize your time more efficiently and get everything done successfully.

Maintain an Up-to-Date Calendar

Whether you have a physical calendar on your desk or in your notebook or you’re the type to keep a digital calendar on your phone or laptop, it’s important to make sure it is neat and up to date.

This will not only help you to keep your schedule and to-do lists in order, but it will also help those who work and interact with you to better organize any necessary meet-ups or other plans.

Not only does maintaining your calendar keep you organized, it helps to give you the capacity to neatly plan much more productive activity throughout the day, week, month and even year.

Don’t Rely on Memory

Just like it is important to keep yourself and your schedule organized on a calendar, it is incredibly beneficial to write down and organize everything else as well.

By relying upon only your memory to remember all of the chores, assignments, projects, events and everything else, you are not only seriously risking dropping the ball by forgetting something, but you are also exhausting yourself with the extra energy that is required to keep on top of everything.

Simply writing down to-do lists, keeping a physical or digital agenda and relying on a calendar to keep everything in check will free up your mind to worry about actually tackling all of your responsibilities and will boost your productivity as you do so.

Focus on One Task at a Time

It’s completely normal to feel like you’re juggling a million different responsibilities at once, especially as you get older and they only seem to multiply.

It is extremely easy to overwhelm and paralyze yourself if you try to think about and take on all of this at once. You can’t write up a book report while also deep cleaning your bedroom, cooking dinner, planning out your weekend and catching up on twelve different work assignments all at the same time, and trying to do so will only make all of it fall apart.

Pick the task that fits into the highest level of priority and urgency as mentioned earlier. Organize the rest of your to-do list this way and focus on one at a time, completing each task before moving onto the next one.

After all, it’s better to finish three out of five tasks by the end of the day than to halfheartedly get started on all of them and give up halfway through.

Organize Your Workspaces

Having a cluttered environment leads to a cluttered mind, even if you aren’t the type to feel particularly stressed out by messes.

Even if your leisure areas are a little sloppier, try to make sure that any place dedicated to work and productivity is clear and organized.

You can do this by using filing systems, making sure you always have a cleared desk or table, making sure the surrounding area is mess-free and generally trying to keep any messier and more carefree activities in different areas.

Without the distraction and bad energy that comes from a cluttered workspace, you will be much more able to focus on the tasks at hand.

Keep Yourself Healthy and Refreshed

It is impossible to stay focused and productive if you are sick, hungry, exhausted or some wild combination of the three.

In the moment, it may feel like a better idea to work through the stress and deal with late nights and early mornings, but it the long run, this will harm you both professionally and personally.

It’s no secret that being healthy and well-rested makes it much easier to get through any day, so by that logic, your productivity will also be much higher.

Take some time to yourself to rest, relax and destress so that you have the capacity to handle tough and stressful responsibilities with as much focus and dedication as possible.

Set Your Own Agenda

Letting everyone else try to dictate your time and agenda is a quick way to feel both demotivated and overwhelmed.

You can boost your productivity by making sure that you are in charge of your time by maintaining ultimate autonomy over your agenda and life and not letting any boss, family member or other outside party try to dictate it for you.

Letting one person try to run your to-do lists and instruct your use of time is a slippery slope to letting everyone do this, and no one will have the exact same opinion for how you should be spending your time.

Plus, being in charge of your own time and agenda will likely lead to a more fulfilling experience all around since you will stay truer to your genuine passions, interests and priorities.

Stay firm in being on top of your own time and energy and do so in a responsible way that shows people you can handle yourself just fine without their input.

Measure Your Efforts and Results

One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and excited about things is to take a moment to truly measure your efforts and the results they produce.

By assessing the work that goes into a project, you can determine the things that were most and least effective and ultimately improve your efficiency later on and boost your productivity.

Plus, measuring your successes and hard work is a quick and easy way to encourage yourself and appreciate the effort you have already put forth. Allowing yourself to feel proud and accomplished will give you a positive outlet that makes taking on the next tasks that much more manageable and even exciting.

Stop Being a Perfectionist

Lastly, no matter how important something is to you and those around you, it is crucial to your productivity and wellbeing to stop being a perfectionist.

Not only does doing this waste time on details that often aren’t that critical in terms of the end result, but it can also be very demoralizing very quickly.

If every single thing you do has to be perfect, it will hurt a lot more when you realize that something isn’t. And trust me, more often than not, it isn’t.

Take time to understand the big picture and focus on the importance of realizing that big picture. If you have a slideshow to present at a meeting in your office, it will not make a difference if you spend two extra hours making sure the effects and fonts are sleek and elegant.

What matters is that the content is high quality and delivered on time and in a neat and presentable way. Don’t sweat the small stuff and you will find yourself much happier and more productive overall.

How To Boost Your Productivity – In Summary

Everyone has different struggles when it comes to finding ways to self-motivate and remain productive. We are human, after all!

By making little efforts to improve yourself such as in the ways listed here, however, you can really do yourself a favour and make enormous strides to boost your productivity.

Take a deep breath, search yourself for the areas that most need attention, and get to work on improving your life!

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