Amazing Fun Bullet Journal Page Ideas Ultimate List 2019

Bullet journal page ideas

Here’s my ultimate list for 2019 of amazing and fun bullet journal page ideas to rock your work and life!

Bullet journals can be life changing for many people.

They represent an intuitive, straightforward and fun way to organize thoughts, tasks, appointments and errands.

While there are plenty of bullet journal guides out there, I wanted to take a different approach.

I’ve compiled a list of some fun and innovative ways to use bullet journals for life and work organization.

Some of these bullet journal page ideas may appeal to you – or they could help you find inspiration to come up with your own bullet journal organization system!

What is Bullet Journaling?

The concept of bullet journaling involves taking a single notebook and using it to organize different aspects of your life. Each person can use a bullet journal in different ways – but the core concept remains the same. Take a notebook, create an organization system, and use it to detail various aspects of your life.

For instance, bullet journals can be used to write down tasks for the day, week or month. They are helpful for jotting down important appointments, social events, and other milestones. Some people use them to set goals, remind them of household chores, and jot down ideas about work or life.

Using a physical notebook has helped many people be more focused and precise in how they plan out their days and weeks. Having tasks and appointments written down on physical paper, in an easily accessible notebook, can represent a more structured approach to organization than using three or four smartphone apps to keep track of the things you have to get done. That’s where these amazing and fun bullet journal page ideas come in handy.

Fun Bullet Journal Page Ideas

1. Indexing

Before you get started with specific sections in your bullet journal, it can be very helpful to create an index. It allows for an easy way to flip to the specific page that you want to check when you are in a hurry.

For instance, bullet journals can often contain specific pages for days, weeks, months or special lists. Each time you create a new page, you write down a page number in the lower margin and jot down that number in your index. Label the page in your index, so you will know exactly what information is located on that page.

Say you are in a rush, trying to find a specific appointment or idea. Instead of frantically flipping back and forth in your bullet journal, you could look at the index, find the specific page number and go directly to it!

There is no perfect formula for indexing your bullet journal. Everyone has their own system. You can check out various ways that others index their journals and tweak those concepts into an index that is helpful to you!

2. Habit Tracker

A key element of bullet journaling is adopting a new mindset to your life. The mindset that you will set attainable goals and go about trying to achieve them each day.

What better way to set and achieve goals than creating a habit tracker page within your bullet journal! It could be near the front of the journal, allowing you easy access each day.

Then you can list down habits, such as brushing your teeth, flossing, drinking enough water each day, exercising a certain number of times a week, not smoking, or any habit you are attempting to establish or break!

You could write down little numbers for dates, or weeks, along with dots to represent each time you were able to keep a habit. Then you can look back each month, seeing how many times you were able to keep up with a habit you set for yourself!

3. Monthly Chores Chart

Whether you live with family or friends, it can be complicated to divvy up the chores between everyone. Say you get together with everyone in the house once a month, picking out who will complete specific chores on certain days/weeks.

With a bullet journal, you can take one page or section of a page, jot down dates of the month, and list the specific chores you must get done during those days.

Or you could combine your chores chart with the monthly or weekly to do lists that you already make! With such a system, you would notice a chore listed each time you are checking your list to see what tasks or errands you must run.

4. Weekly Log

Other bullet journal enthusiasts are loving the concept of a weekly log. While most of us have certain tasks that must be done on a specific day, there are often general “to dos” that do not have a set date or time attached to them.

If you have errands, work tasks or appointments that are planned for a particular week, you can list them out in your weekly log. Instead of attaching a date to each task, you could list them by priority. When you get a chance, you can run an errand, complete a work task or schedule an appointment.

5. Spending Tracker

If you are concerned about how much money you spend in a given week, and how you spend it, bullet journaling may be able to help you keep track. A single page can be used to track all your spending for a week or month, giving you quick access to the information about where you spend your money!

It is a simple habit to form. Each time you buy something, you remind yourself to jot down the total amount and description of what you purchased in your journal. Those who do not like keeping receipts may find this method a lot easier to manage.

And you do not even need to worry about assessing the totals until the end of the week or month. Then you could set aside some time to go over your spending for that period. You could even compare it to spending in past periods, allowing you to see where you may have overspent or where you managed to save in a given week or month!

6. Social Events Log

We spend so much time focusing on the work we must complete, the errands we must run and the responsibilities on our shoulders. While those facts are important, it is also crucial to remember how much fun you had throughout the year!

A social events log is one way to write down the different times where you grab a coffee, drink or meal with friends. Whether you are getting a quick bite to eat, attending a fancy party or heading to a bar with a few pals, you can make a note of the event and anything special that happened.

When you look back on a given week or month, you will not only be remembering the work you completed or the goals you accomplished, but all the fun you had with the people closest to you!

7. Level 10 Life…WOOHOO!

It goes without saying that most people are interested in bullet journaling because they want to improve some aspect of their life.

Perhaps you want to be more focused at work, while others may be interested in managing their home life responsibilities in a more efficient way. Or perhaps you want to lose weight and life a healthier life in the coming years.

Track Your Life Goals

Everyone has different goals – sometimes multiple goals at the same time. Level 10 Life is a style of bullet journaling that allows you to assess how you are progressing with your goals in 10 key areas of your life.

Use Bar Graphs

For instance, you could create a bar graph with ten different sections on a single page. Examples of sections include career, family, health, fitness, social life, generosity, finances and personal development. Each person should add sections that speak to the aspects of their life they care about the most.

Then you pick a level for each aspect of your life, from one to ten. Draw the bar graph corresponding to those numbers for each section, along with a little date at the bottom. As time goes on, you can update the graph when you feel as though you have made improvements in those parts of your life.

For example, someone could start the “health and fitness” portion of their graph with a two out of ten. If you were to lose 20 pounds in the next six months in a healthy way, you would then go onto the page, increase your bar graph for that section to the number you feel corresponds with your current level of fitness.

Use Different Colours

You could use different colors for each section, while you could also place a list on the opposite page where you list goals for each category. When you accomplish a goal, you step up one or two levels. Then you can set yourself new goals to reach an even higher level!

If you set yourself a New Year’s resolution to be more organized, bullet journaling is something you may want to consider. It is a little old school, compared to using smartphones apps for organization, but many people find it refreshing and an easy way to stay on task.

Do You Have Some Fun Bullet Journal Page Ideas?

I hope these amazing and fun bullet journal page ideas helped you find inspiration to use a journal for your home or work organization. Share your bullet journal page ideas below in the comments and I’ll add them to my list!

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