How to be Confident at Work? – Do This One Thing Every Morning!

How to be confident at work

A lack of self-confidence occurs when we talk negatively to ourselves about a particular situation. A lack of confidence in a work environment can lead to procrastination and avoidance of situations where you feel uncomfortable. It has the power to hinder your progress at work and stand in the way of your career aspirations and career success!

Do you want to know how to be confident at work?

I struggle with confidence at work, and I’m not alone. My lack of confidence at work shows up often in group situations when I meet people for the first time mainly if I’m not 100% comfortable with what I am going to discuss with them. I’m only 3 months into my new job and often I’m discussing quite complex subjects that I don’t fully understand yet with people at work who are experts. I’m out of my comfort zone and sometimes I feel that all of my weaknesses are on show.

I guess sometimes I can be far too bothered about what other people think about me.

Four things you can do to be more confident at work

I’ll get to the one thing you should do every morning to build confidence in a moment but here are four other things you can do to help you be more confident at work.

I’ve suggested before that facing your fears is something you can do to build your confidence at work as it helps to push your boundaries in order to learn new skills and start standing out above your peers in a work environment.

You can also work to identify your personal brand and celebrate all things “YOU” by promoting it on Linkedin. You will then have a brand to live up to and the people you meet in business can identify with you better. Linkedin is also a great place to network too!

You can also play up to your strengths which is a fantastic way to increase your performance quickly and get recognition from your manager and peers. TRY IT! These are your strengths so your good at this anyway!!!

Self-doubt is normal, and most people get it from time to time.

If you ask your friends and colleagues most will say that they have had some self-doubt at some point. A lack of confidence is often something you’ve learned over time by telling yourself that you are “rubbish at XXXX” or something similar. When you start to doubt yourself, you develop a lack of confidence and lower self-esteem and belief in your abilities.

How to be Confident at Work

The secret to unlimited confidence is to change your thoughts and beliefs. 

The confidence trick is to start to move towards a growth mindset where you can believe that you can learn anything.

If you start to reframe your beliefs about yourself, you enable yourself to break the confidence barrier.

Did you know that recent research on confirmation bias shows that your brain filters all of those things that don’t fit your beliefs? That means that if you believe you are “rubbish at XXXX” your brain will skip over information that discounts this belief.

If you reframe your belief system, then you can gain confidence quickly.

I’ve been working with this exercise, and it’s the one thing that I do every morning which has massively helped me to change how I think about my abilities and has turned my negative self-talk to positive self-talk. I use this simple exercise every morning to make me feel more confident at work.

Do this one exercise every morning to give you the power to build your confidence. The changes you see will be remarkable in a very short space of time.

Try it now!

Think of a situation when you are at work and not confident, write it down or say it out loud.

Now read the statements below and fill in the blanks for you and write them down. Now say them out loud:

  • I forgive myself for judging myself for ……….(enter here what you’re not confident about in a work situation)
  • I know it’s not true because………(enter here where this statement hasn’t held true when you have been in this situation, and it worked out fine)
  • A more empowering belief is………..(enter a rational belief such as “I will get better at this when I learn more or get more practice etc.)
  • I know this is true because……..(think of a time when you have been unconfident at work about something else but kept practicing or learning, and you can now do this thing and have no lack of confidence about it)

Try this every morning for seven days and see how different you feel. It will teach you how to be confident at work!

Let me know what result you get using this exercise. I’d love to hear from you if you have another strategy that shows you how to be confident at work.

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How to be confident at work - do this one thing every morning!

How to be Confident at Work? - Do This One Thing Every Morning!

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