Feeling Lost In Life? – How You Can Stop It Now!

Feeling Lost In Life

So this happens a lot in life coaching! I have women contact me for coaching saying I’m stuck in life. I have no idea what I’m doing. I feel lost! So….how do you stop feeling lost in life?

Having been there myself at one or two times in life I know that this can feel really unsettling. Especially for women who are used to having goals or plans and things to work towards.

This feeling of being lost can often come just after a big life change, a relationship breakup, a change happening at work or just getting stuck in a rut. 

It then becomes a difficult time and sometimes you start to wonder if you’ll ever get your mojo back!

Experience tells me that we’ll get to the bottom of it and you just have to trust in the coaching process. 

So how do you get your mojo back?

Here are six things you can do to stop feeling lost in life:

1) Who am I?

Start connecting with yourself. I encourage all of my coachee’s to do this as it helps you get closer to who you are. It helps you see the beauty in you. It helps you celebrate the amazing person you are. 

When you’re feeling lost in life sometimes you’ve lost some of that connection with who you really are.

When you connect with your self on a deeper level you become more honest with yourself and find it easier to look at your wants and needs. 

It also gives you the confidence to be brave and start expressing those wants and needs. You open up space to see the opportunities available to you. 

It’s soooooo hard to see opportunities when you feel stuck!

2) Get rid of negative self-talk

Often when you’re stuck in life, you are telling yourself that you’ve lost direction. 

It’s likely that daily you are talking some kind of rubbish to yourself like this:

“I don’t know what I’m doing with my life!”

“I’m stuck”

“I’ve no direction”

“I’m lost”

You might be comparing yourself to friends and saying to yourself things like:

‘Why can’t I be on a great career path like my friend Jenny?”

“I’ll never get a boyfriend like Kelly‘s got”

“Why don’t I know where I’m heading and everyone else does?”

You get the idea…

This negative self-talk is keeping you stuck. Once we start to unpick that and get rid of it from your daily conversations with yourself you’ll see that this unhelpful chitter chatter has been holding you back.

This rubbish talk is just that. It’s rubbish!!! And it’s time to take the rubbish out!!!

3) Deep dive into your life’s categories 

Sometimes you feel like you have absolutely no idea what you want to do with your life. 

This feels very real and scary!

When we deep dive into your life’s categories, like career, relationships and health etc

It’s your chance to be inquisitive. What’s really happening here? What’s gone wrong? What would you love it to be like?

We can start to uncover what’s happening. This uncovers lots of helpful insights that shed some light on what could be available to you. It helps you move from “I feel stuck” to “Ah yes I see now… I could to this or that or the other!” 

 It helps you realise you have choices and the freedom to choose to do what you want.

4) Your freedom to choose equals power

We start to uncover your power. You have choices! 

When you feel stuck you can sometimes feel overwhelmed and not know which way to turn. You’ve often stopped trusting your judgement so don’t want to start something new because you think you’ll make the wrong choice.

Sometimes you don’t feel like you have the energy to start something new. You may feel like you could fail. You might be scared that once you make a choice there’s no going back.

Recognising your options and understanding you have a choice to live your life any way you choose is a powerful discovery.

Once you use your power and start choosing how you want to live your life you can create your life’s vision. 

The only limits to your life will be the ones you put on it. They generally show up as limiting beliefs. 

5) Change limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are so interesting. These are often firmly held beliefs you have that get in the way of you living the happy life you want to live. They also contribute to you feeling lost in life because they close so many doors to what you could do. They stop you succeeding and sometimes stop you from even starting.

When you’re stuck, you’re less curious. Your thoughts are even more rigid. Once you uncover your limiting beliefs and change them to positive beliefs they help you open up some freedom in your mind. This helps propel you on your chosen journey of life instead of dragging you back.

It’s surprisingly easy to turnaround limiting beliefs and once you start looking at yours in detail you can remove those obstacles and be free!

6) Living your life’s vision

Once limiting beliefs are changed around you can step into the new you and start living your life’s vision.

You are then officially unstuck in life and mojo is fully restored….woohoo!

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? You do have to put the work in to make some changes. It’s up to you to figure out who you are, what negative self chatter and limiting beliefs you have that are holding you back. It’s up to you to create your life’s vision and start living it!

The easy bit is trusting the coaching process.

If you’re stuck, you can work with me to start living again ….

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