11 Easy Ways to Stand Out and Get Noticed at Work

Get noticed at work

Perhaps you started a new job and you want to stand out from everyone else and get noticed at work.

Or you have spent the past few years at the same company while being unable to achieve a substantial promotion.

Many of us assume that doing our jobs to a high level is enough to get noticed.

But it can often take an extra push, which will allow the higher-ups at your company to see your value.

Here are eleven easy steps to help you stand out and get noticed at work and help you rock your career, get a promotion or new job!

1. Dressing to Stand Out

Looking the part can go a long way towards establishing you as someone to watch at work. By dressing professionally, you will create an impression on everyone who encounters you during the day. It shows that you care about your image, while you want to present a professional appearance to co-workers, clients and customers.

It does not have to mean that you are wearing a professional suit every day. Depending on your work environment, a coloured blouse is an excellent option. Bolder jewellery can also help you stand out. Knee-length dresses are also a great choice for most work environments!

2. Establish a Personal Brand

A personal brand is the first thought that comes into another person’s mind when they are thinking about you. When you step out of a room, what are others saying about you? That is your personal brand.

Most people do not get more than a couple of chances to make an impression in a professional setting. By curating your personal brand, you will definitely be memorable to everyone who interacts with you in a professional setting!

Think about the values you deem important, how you want to be perceived and the best traits in your personality. Incorporate these elements into creating your own brand. If you want more details on how to create a personal brand, you can click here.

3. Add a Photo to Your Work Profile

Your work profile is what others at the company will use to look you up. Perhaps someone in middle management sees your name on a report or that you are part of a team working on an important project. They search your profile but see there is no picture. Now they have a harder time identifying and remembering you.

Always have a professional and quality photograph for your work profile. Most jobs will allow you to submit your own picture if they did not take one during your first day.

Get dressed up in your best outfit, do your hair flawlessly and head to any photography place to get your picture taken. Now you have a great set of professional photographs, which you can use for work and other purposes!

It’s not always who you know it’s WHO KNOWS YOU!

4. Stepping Out to Another Department

It is easy to get comfortable in your own niche at work. You are sure of yourself in your own department and within a team of people, you know. But stepping out and helping other teams can create a very positive impression, especially among those in the company who may not be familiar with your work.

Stepping out shows that you are confident and willing to take on responsibilities to help other departments in the company, even if they are not your direct responsibility. Not every time you step out is a resounding success, but it will show your bosses that you take initiative and will not hesitate to move away from your comfort zone.

5. Coming Up with Simpler Solutions

The most complex solution is not always the best one. If your company has certain procedures or processes that you find unnecessarily complicated, mention that you have a simpler solution in mind. You can speak with your team leader, manager or the head of the company.

It shows that you are thinking outside of the box, applying your knowledge to help the company, and willing to stick your neck out for an idea that may not pan out. Even if the higher-ups do not take on all your suggestions, the fact you are willing to give them will create a positive impression.

By coming up with simpler solutions to company procedures or problems, you will establish yourself as the “go-to” employee who always has good ideas. And such a reputation will help you stand out, even if you have only been at the company for a few months! This is great way to get noticed at work and show that you add value.

6. Ask Intelligent Questions

We can get caught up in this mindset that we have to show total knowledge of everything while at work. But no single person knows everything, even about their speciality. Part of being great at any job means admitting when you need help!

There may be occasions where you are confused about a topic or want to get more information. Do not be afraid to go to someone at work and ask intelligent questions. It shows that you are enthusiastic and curious about your work, while it also demonstrates that you are willing to admit you need more information.

Do not go too far in the other direction either. No one likes an employee who is always confused or asking questions!

7. Volunteer for Projects

Is there a project that your company is taking up in the next few weeks? Volunteer if you believe that your expertise could help the project. Even if your team or department was not assigned the work, you can volunteer to help another team when you have some free time.

By volunteering, you show that you care about the future of the company. Even if a task is not your direct responsibility, you are willing to step up and help others to achieve their goals.

You’ll also be widening your work network while you get noticed at work.

It could also be a lot of fun – getting to interact with other employees, learning more about the company and participating in an exciting project!

8. Be on Time

The worst impression that you can make is arriving late to work. Unless you experience a true emergency, there is no reason to arrive five or ten minutes late to work most days. It creates a negative impression on everyone at the company, especially with your direct colleagues.

If you are early or on time, it shows that you prioritized being at work when you are meant to clock in.

Most people hate getting up in the morning! Try setting your alarm 15 or 20 minutes earlier than before, get right out of bed and get started on your day! You will be surprised at how you can get showered and changed, have breakfast and still get to work on time!

9. Add Value

Your value to a business should be more than your job description. Unless you are a CEO or CFO, there is a good chance someone else can come in and do your job. How can you show that you are indispensable at the company?

Perhaps you could create interdepartmental collaborative teams to work on projects. Maybe you could come up with ideas for new products, marketing campaigns or services to help the business boost profits. The goal is to get noticed at work and prove that you are more than an ordinary employee, as it will establish you as a rising star at the company.

10. Generate Ideas

There is a tendency for people to stay within their job description when they are at work. Even if they have a good idea, they assume they are not at a pay grade that justifies speaking about what they have in mind.

If you have any ideas that you think will help the company grow, make more money or recover from a bad quarter, share them. Even if your ideas are incomplete or not viable, the fact you are offering them will show those around you that you are more than just your current position.

The people around you will not know how much you have to offer unless you share your ideas with them!

11. Speak Up

Being shy can be a real detriment at work, especially if your job involves communicating with others. It may be tough for you to speak up at meetings or group sessions, as you are afraid of being wrong, ridiculed or singled out.

Every day, you can make a concentrated effort to speak up. Start small. Perhaps you can talk more during a team meeting, where everyone discusses a current or upcoming project. Then you could work your way up to speaking at a company-wide meeting, or in a direct conversation with your boss.

Think of your job as more than just a set of duties you complete in exchange for a paycheck. Instead of simply clocking in and out each day, you can take the real initiative to get noticed at work.

When you get your foot in the door, you have an opportunity. It is the chance to excel at your current role, spread your wings beyond your job description, and prove that you are invaluable in a working environment.

By trying out some of these suggestions at work, you will quickly develop a reputation for being indispensable at your job. YOU will be the employee they trust to handle delicate projects, and YOU will be first in line for important promotions.

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