How To Get The Job You Want And Earn More?

How to get the job you want and earn more

Did you know that 90% of the time it’s the recruitment consultant that decides how much you will earn in your next role?

Let’s face it, most jobs these days have a recruiter between you and the hiring manager.

So how do you get the job you want and earn more?

Here’s how…

Your ultimate aim when you start to look for a new role is to be the perfect candidate.

A perfect candidate is:

  • polished and professional
  • has a brilliant resume that is searchable, sings experience, achievements, personal brand, is well written, clear, concise and mirrors the language used in the role advertised
  • has a great Linkedin profile that shines a good personal brand
  • is articulate about their work experience who will interview well
  • has the skills and expertise to match the role

Being a perfect candidate and helping the recruiters find you are the secret to getting your next role.

If you are the perfect candidate and recruiters can find you, then you will get put forward for more interviews and have a more significant chance of getting the job you want. Why? It’s because you are making the recruiter’s job easy for them.

Recruiters are busy, and they want to find you quickly, send you for an interview, place you in your new position and move on! They are usually juggling lots of live vacancies and only have time to deal with perfect candidates.

So if you’re wondering why you’re not getting called to go for an interview, it’s because you are not the perfect candidate.

Being the perfect candidate also makes you a high-value candidate which means you have a greater chance of earning more!

The hiring manager usually gives the recruiter a salary limit or a range, as an example between £40k and £45k to offer someone for the role. Similarly, for temps and contractors, they will get an hourly or daily rate limit or a range to offer the candidate.

A perfect candidate can ask for the highest salary, hourly or daily rate because they have all of the collateral they need ready and available to show off to the recruiter and hiring manager.

Picture this, a recruiter’s first contact with you is when they find your resume in their inbox, on a job site or they find you on Linkedin. If your resume and Linkedin profile demonstrate all of the ingredients of a perfect candidate then the recruiter will make contact with you because they want to send you for the interview. If you show off your pre-prepared elevator pitch when they call and wow them with your perfect candidate speech then they will absolutely want to show you off to their client.

Finding the perfect candidate is the recruiter’s dream come true because you are the one that is likely to get placed with their client which means they will not only paid commision for that but they will get the credit from their client, company and colleagues that they can find and place perfect candidates.

That’s why being the perfect candidate is worth a lot to them and they will be prepared to consider you for the highest salary, hourly or daily rate limit.

So if you know you are the perfect candidate then ask for the highest salary, hourly or daily rate limit.

Getting the job you want and earning more is not just about having the right experience for the job. Your experience will count and will be tested at interview.

However, there are other factors a recruitment consultant will consider when they decide what salary they should put you forward for.

That’s right.

It’s the recruiter’s job to decide the salary, hourly or daily rate that they will put you forward for and then go to the hiring manager and tell them why you are worth that amount.

A recruiter will assess these things when deciding what salary you should get:

  • Your resume

They can sell you into the hiring manager for a higher salary if your resume is amazing. Why? Because the first thing the hiring manager will see will be a great looking, concise, well-written resume that demonstrates your relevant skills and experience and a bit of personal brand thrown in. That’s how you stand out to a hiring manager and above the competition to a recruiter. If they benchmark you against a candidate with similar experience and your resume looks better, you will have a better chance of getting a higher salary, hourly or daily rate.

  • Your LinkedIn profile

If you have a brilliant Linkedin profile then your personal brand, your reputation, your work ethics and your connections should all tell the same story to the recruiter and the hiring manager. The story is that you are worth the top limit of what they are paying!

  • Will you interview well

A recruiter will assess this when they speak to you for the first time. Have you got a fantastic elevator pitch ready? Can you describe what your recent experience is including what you’ve achieved in a concise pitch that matches their job description? If the recruiter knows you can nail the interview, you become a higher value to them.

  • What was your previous salary, hourly or daily rate

You will need to disclose this to the recruiter but you can easily say you were undervalued in your last role and this is one of the reasons you are moving on. In your next position you are looking for xxx(the highest limit offered). If your resume, LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch all tell the same story, you are a high-value candidate, and the recruiter will appreciate this. If you don’t have these three things, then the recruiter will doubt your worth.

There are three things to remember here:

1) Assume the recruiter is only speaking to candidates with experience

So there is a chance you become the best candidate because you’re the only one with the right skills and experience but it’s not likely. You are likely to be competing against others with just as good a skill set and experience. Recruiters get hundreds of resume’s for each job advert they place so there’s normally a lot of people to choose from. You need to be head and shoulders above the competition and the easy way to stand out is to have an amazing resume and brilliant Linkedin profile and a fantastic elevator pitch.

2) A recruiter has their reputation to consider.

They can only put you forward at a higher rate if you are worth it or they will lose credibility with their client. Help the recruiter by making sure you have an amazing resume, a brilliant LinkedIn profile and a fantastic elevator pitch so they can put you forward for a higher rate.

3) If you have all of the things above the recruiter will work their butt off for you to get the role.

They’ll believe in you and will sell you to their client by promoting you above the other candidates.

If the recruiter is promoting you more, you’ll have a better chance of getting the role. The recruiter will share your LinkedIn profile with the hiring manager and their impression of you before the interview will be fantastic. They will already be thinking that you are a candidate that they want!

Recruiters and hiring managers will be happy to pay you the higher salary, hourly or daily rate because everything they see is telling them that you are a high-value candidate.

Having an amazing resume, a brilliant LinkedIn profile and a fantastic elevator pitch can be the difference between getting a good job and a great job.

It can also be the difference between getting the lower salary, hourly or daily rate limit and the higher one.

Which would you prefer?

Help the recruiter do their job, and you will win every time! That’s how you get the job you want and earn more?

I’d really love your feedback so please let me know if you have an amazing resume, a brilliant Linkedin profile and how these things have helped you get the job you want and earn more.

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How to get the job you want and earn more!

How To Get The Job You Want And Earn More?

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