How To Rock Your Goals And Dreams!

Goals and dreams

I love goal setting and the New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings. If you’re anything like me, right now you’re spending time figuring out what you want to achieve during the year ahead and getting to grips with your goals and dreams!

I learned a few years ago that I can have a fantastic year if I get INTENTIONAL about it rather than just HOPING the next year would turn out good for me.

Here is my ultimate list of setting and smashing goal strategies. These tactics really work so if you’re serious about making 2019 YOUR year and achieving your goals and dreams then give these a try.


The first step is to choose a goal. You may have a burning desire to achieve something particular next year. Something that’s been on your mind that you think; “right, that’s it! No more wasting time, that’s what I want to do so let’s do it!”

We don’t all have passion goals like this and if your life’s perfect, you can skip this section too.

However, if you’re looking to improve your life next year, then the best tool you can use is the WHEEL OF LIFE. This can help you identify which areas of your life need a boost so that you can choose goals and dreams to move towards a fulfilled life in 2019.

I collaborated with the amazing “Girl Power Illustrations” to create this beautiful free downloadable just for you.


Once I choose one or two goals, I make sure they are SMART goals so that I ensure I can achieve them. I then create and follow a plan to work towards them every day, week and month.

Here’s my easy to follow post that covers this strategy in more detail:



A mood board is a beautiful way to visualise your goals and dreams. It’s your chance to get creative and put your goal on paper. It’s easy to create a mood board, and it’s a fantastic way to keep your goals in front of mind. Put your mood board where you can see your goals and dreams daily and help your visions become a reality!

Here’s my post on how to create a mood board:


I learned a fantastic tactic for goal smashing from Michael Johnson, the 4-times Olympic gold medal winner. By asking yourself ,two simple questions every day, you can use this powerful motivator to kick ass and ACHIEVE, ACHIEVE ACHIEVE!!!

Try this for a week or two and see just how much more you can do to rock your goals!

Check out this post here:


A super way to be accountable for your goals is to announce them. Tell your friends, family or loved ones or heck, tell the world on social media!

Once you share your goals with others, you’re more likely to stick with them. You can even ask someone close to you to hold you accountable.

Ask them to nudge you with words of encouragement like “YOU CAN DO IT” if they see you struggling.


I genuinely believe that everyone needs a coach and this year I’m investing in some more coaching to get me through 2020.

I’m sticking with my super-duper pro-wrestler personal trainer who’s helping me in the gym with my posture.

I have some big goals for Work It Sister in 2020, and I’m going to get a coach to help me as I’ve found that working with a coach helps me to gain more clarity about what I want, they support, educate, train and challenge me and I realise my goals much quicker than tackling things on my own.

I’ve been refining and optimising these tactics religiously for years now and they have helped me realise my goals and dreams and changed MY life and I’m certain they can work for YOU too!

Let me know how you get on and remember, YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!

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Goals and dreams
How To Rock Your Goals And Dreams!

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