20 Easy Ways to Get Your Hygge On Every Day of The Year!


Here’s how to get your hygge on to breeze through winter!

Most people feel a sense of dread when they start thinking about winter.
It is the season they associate with shorter days, cold weather and having to wear far too many layers!

But imagine if you viewed winter differently.

What if you looked forward to all that cold and darkness? What if you were thrilled at the prospect of wearing cute sweaters and drinking hot soup most nights?

We all look forward to the spring and summer. But now you could get the same sense of anticipation when the leaves start turning red and falling in the autumn. Much like the Danish people where hygge originates, you could look forward to the winter!

That is what it means to live hygge!

What is Hygge?

Pronounced “hoo gah,” hygge is a Danish word that is hard to translate literally. It is more than just a word or a phrase. It is a way of life in that part of the world. It is all about being cosy, comfortable, relaxed and happy during the winter months.

Hygge Is A Feeling

Think about your best memories of winter. Curled up by the fire, eating marshmallows, telling stories and sipping hot cocoa. That is hygge! It is a word that is rooted in the Scandinavian culture of Denmark. Hygge has helped countless generations of Danish people get through the long winters they experience.

And now you can use it to feel contented, happy and excited throughout winter too!

Here are 20 easy ways that you can get your hygge on every single day of winter:

1. Create a Cozy Space

Winter is all about cosiness and comfort. Get warm tone pumps that have a lower wattage. Go with lots of candles in the rooms where you spend the most time. And think about adding throw pillows, comforters, blankets and other cosy accessories to your couches and bed.

2. Give Yourself a Spa

A DIY spa day can cure all ills! Or at least that is what we believe. You could have a spa day with your best girlfriends, or you could make it a family event. Try those beauty treatments you are curious about, enjoy a luxurious bath and give your hair the moisture it needs with a nice oil treatment!

3. Set Up a Bonfire Outside

If you have a decently sized backyard, it is the perfect space for a bonfire. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a fancy fire pit. Just set up some rocks as a boundary, and then use branches or other wood to get your fire started. You can bring a few chairs outside, sip on winter drinks and engage in wonderful conversation with friends or family.

4. Try Seasonal Recipes

Trying to force summer meals into the winter is always a mistake. Instead of avoiding winter foods, embrace the season. Look out for grapefruit, squash, pomegranate, parsnip, kumquat, sweet potatoes, and other winter produce that you can use in coming lunches and dinners!

5. Make Hot Beverages

Winter is the season where you can indulge in hot chocolate and other drinks without feeling guilty! It is also a time when you can buy some loose-leaf teas, fresh coffee beans and enjoy delicious beverages as you snuggle up with a blanket.

6. Plan Regular Activities

So many people feel they are disconnected from the world during winter – hiding out at home all the time. By planning activities, such as a book club, trips to the local pub, watching a TV show on Sunday night, or playing board games, you can keep yourself busy all winter!

7. Watch Feel Good Shows and Movies

Summer is perfect for action-packed blockbusters or more serious fare. But winter is the season when you want sappy, feel-good movies and television shows. Check out the best romcoms on Netflix and other streaming services, as they make the perfect way to enjoy a weekday evening at home!

8. Stay in The Sun

Depending on where you work, it can feel as though you are missing out on sunshine in the winter. Make an effort to see as much of the sun as possible. Take your lunch breaks outside, wake up early and spend 30 minutes in your garden before you head to work, and spend a lot of time outdoors over the weekends! Soak up that Vitamin D that’s much needed in the winter months!

9. Dress for The Weather

Winter weather can be overwhelming when you are not prepared. But even if it is snowing outside, you can still enjoy yourself provided you are wearing a warm jacket, hat, gloves and snow boots! Now you can go shopping, take a walk or visit friends, even in harsher winter weather.

10. Consider a Spray Tan

Sometimes looking at ourselves in the mirror and seeing pale skin can lead to winter depression. You may not be getting as much sun as the summer, which is why a quick spray tan can help you get that healthy and golden look again!

11. Learn Winter Sports

Winter sports are some of the most fun activities in the world. Between skiing, snowboarding, sledging, ice hockey and snowmobiling, you can find an activity that gets you excited as the winter approaches every year!

12. Plan a Mini Vacation

Sometimes there is no better feeling than getting out of town for a few days. You can plan your days off work strategically to include Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays. Then you can plan a trip with family or friends, where you are heading to a city where you have never been. Places like California and Florida are great fun in the winter!

13. Embrace the Snow

When it snows for the first time, do not spend the next few days refusing to go outside! Embrace the snow by getting dressed up and taking a walk outside. Be safe but have fun! You can even get together with the family and build a snowman. We can bet that your kids would love that experience!

14. Listen to Older Music

When we think about setting the mood during winter, older music always scratches the itch! Find a great jazz playlist on Spotify or Apple Music, and you will be enjoying the next few hours even more. It is the perfect way to set the mood if you are cooking at home, cosying up by a fire, or hosting a winter-themed party!

15. Learn New Dishes

Winter is ideal for spending more time in the kitchen. Unlike the summer, you will not feel hot or sweaty after being in the kitchen for more than 10 minutes! You can learn how to bake a cake or cookies. You could even attempt complicated recipes such as beef wellington or paella!

16. Rediscover Your Love of Board Games

Everyone loves board games. They are a cornerstone of most childhoods. Rediscover your love for these games by planning a board game night with your family or friends. Everyone can take turns picking the game so that you get to play everyone’s favourite! Games like Monopoly, Risk, Sequence, Cards Against Humanity and LIFE can be a lot of fun!

17. Start a Wine Club

Wine can be a great way to bring people together during the winter. Instead of hiding out in your own homes, everyone can get together one time a week to try out new wines! It can even be one person’s responsibility to bring the wine for the week, making it a truly collaborative effort to keep the club going!

18. Visit the Local Library

You would be surprised at how many gems you can find at the local library. Head down to yours, sign up for a library card and start checking out books. You can find some great novels that are free for you to borrow and enjoy during the winter. There is nothing like curling up on the couch with a blanket and a good book when it is cold outside!

19. Phone-Free Evenings – My Fave Hygge Tip

It can be hard to connect with each other, even in the same house, when everyone is obsessed with their device. Set a day each week where no one in the family can access their phones between dinner and the end of the night. It will be an occasion to tell stories, talk about everyone’s week and connect better!

20. Take Up Sewing, Knitting or a New Craft

If you have always wanted to learn how to sew or knit, winter is the perfect time to start! You could even sew or knit some Christmas gifts for friends and family! They will be amazed that you mastered a skill and created such thoughtful gifts for them.

Get Your Hygge On

Now that you know 20 ways to enjoy winter, you are ready to have the best season of your life! As soon as the nights get shorter and the temperature goes down, try some of these steps, and before you realise, hygge will have become a central part of your life!

If I missed out on any tips, feel free to share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you on the ways that you enjoy winter!

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20 Easy Ways to Get Your Hygge On Every Day of The Year!


  1. Mia
    January 3, 2019 / 11:44 am

    I love this! Hygge is the best way to self-care. xx

    • Jo
      January 3, 2019 / 12:28 pm

      It sure is and thanks for your lovely comment Mia!!!

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