How to Eliminate Information Overload

How to Eliminate Information Overload Jason Casteel Image

I’ve been asking, “what do I need less of?” Finding a new job and creating Work It Sister need my full attention and as I’m online a lot, I want to cut the time I spend reading pointless emails, advertisements and news feeds.

In a digital world where so much information is at our fingertips and coming at us from all angles, how can we better filter what’s valuable information and what isn’t? Much of the information we absorb is a distraction, and we could just focus on the things that matter.

Here’s how to remove information overload and streamline your online contact time:

  • Turn your phone off from the evening until the next morning, after you leave the house – try this for a day or two and see what extra headspace you get and how better connected you are with those at home
  • Turn off all notifications on text, email, Whatsapp, social media and news
  • Choose when to engage/set times for information gathering and replying – twice a day, once at lunchtime and early evening works well
  • End all subscriptions to sites and newsletters that you don’t need
  • Remove all news, including newspapers and online feeds
  • Only focus on reading information that you need right now. Use Evernote’s “clipper” to store and save articles that you see on the web and categories them “to read now” or “read later”.
  • With social media feeds or advertising, ask yourself; “do I need this right now?” “do I need this later?” or “do I love this?” then categories accordingly

At first, it was tough switching off, and much of what we do is out of habit, but I have a much clearer head and feel better organised and far less distracted. The big realisation is that most of the information that presents itself is needlessly time-consuming and useless. Are you ready to eliminate information overload?

“…a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention…” Herbert A. Simon

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How to eliminate information overload

How to Eliminate Information Overload

Image by Jason Casteel, Graphic Artist/Illustrator on Deviant Art

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