5 Easy Steps to Create a LinkedIn Banner to Get You Noticed!

5 Easy Steps to Create a LinkedIn Banner to Get You Noticed!

Linkedin Banners are a brilliant way to get you noticed by recruiters. Having an amazing Linkedin Banner will help you to stand out from the competition by creating a visual impact when someone visits your Linkedin profile. They are also a brilliant way to advertise what you do and add some of your personal branding touches to your profile.

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Your banner sits just above your profile photo and is the first thing that visitors see when they visit you on Linkedin. See Gary Vaynerchuk’s here showing off his companies.

Linkedin Banner

Here are 5 easy steps to create an eye-catching Linkedin Banner:

1) Login or create an account on Canva.com…it’s free!

2) Click “create a design” and scroll down until you see the LinkedIn banner then select.

3) Choose a template that you like

You can edit all of the features on the Linkedin banner, e.g. photos, colours, fonts. Choose one that doesn’t have any image on the right-hand side as it will be wasted as LinkedIn puts your profile pic inserted there on mobile.

4) Start to edit the features

You can click on elements to choose photo’s (there are lots of free ones, and you can search for a particular image type) or you can upload your own or find a free one at Pexels. You drag the photo on top of the Linkedin banner then resize. Cityscapes look good if you’re in one of the big cities. Click on a feature on the banner and use the editing prompts on the toolbar to change colours and fonts. You may wish to have wording on there as a call to action, e.g. “I can help you with xxxx and you can contact me at (email address).”

5) Save and upload to Linkedin

Rename your Linkedin banner in the toolbar and save. Click download and save it to your files. Go to your Linkedin Profile click “Edit Profile” and click on “Add a background photo” and upload your new sparkly banner!

You can do this in 10-15 minutes and it’s sooooo worth the investment!

I’d love to hear how you get on so please share your comments below!

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5 Easy Steps to create a Linkedin banner to get you noticed

5 Easy Steps to Create a LinkedIn Banner to Get You Noticed!

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