Live Your Dream Life and Self Love Mantra

Live Your Dream Life and Self Love Mantra

The January blues disappeared as soon as I stepped into my first event at the Equilibrium Mind Body & Soul Festival. I arrived just in time for a talk by Shaft Uddin, who you may remember as the founder of the Fabulus of Unicorns. Shaft shared his journey from Burning Man hedonism, drugs, depression and a string of toxic codependent relationships to enlightenment with tantric sex and self-love. He talked about self-love which he credited as his savour from a road to ruin. What I loved about Shaft was his humour, energy, passion and positivity.

Shaft dared us to dream big with an exercise that showed us what it could be like to live our dream life. It’s something you could quickly try, and I encourage you to give it a go.

How to live your dream life

1. For 3 minutes say out loud what your dream life looks like.

2. Then for 3 minutes picture yourself in the future living that life.

3. Now imagine you are someone else, looking at you living that life, what would they be saying about you?

Shaft’s anything is possible attitude led him to live his dream life, and his exercise helps you to see the possibilities for your life too.

I had a spare hour before my booked Yin Yoga and Gong Bath sessions, so I was lucky enough to be able to join Ellie Di Martino for a healing Forrest Yoga class. Forrest Yoga is my new passion as it’s healing breath and postures are kind to your neck and shoulders and fabulous for discovering where you are holding tension and stress in your body. Ellie led a dreamy, slow flow with long holding Forrest postures and some hands-on assists.

I then had an hour of soothing Yin with Kat Golia and onto the grand finale Gong Bath with Rachael Welford.

This was such a fantastic festival, I arrived at 2 pm and had a super four hours of bliss. There was a lovely friendly, family atmosphere which I’m sure was the intention as the organiser Charlotte greeted everyone at the door. She even sent me home with some flowers that had adorned the walls and ceilings of the event spaces.

I’ll be back for the next Equilibrium Mind Body & Soul Festival in summer for sure and I’ll go for the whole day and take some friends next time.

Here’s Shaft’s self-love festival mantra…..bring it on Shaft! …and….repeat…repeat…repeat…

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How to live your dream life

Live Your Dream Life and Self Love Mantra

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