Mood Board – Visualise Your Goals

Mood Board - Visualise Your Goals

Mood boards are an amazingly powerful way to visualise your goals. As you look at your mood board regularly, you are both consciously and subconsciously reminded of your goals, and you will push towards them. It’s also a great way to connect with your goals emotionally, energetically and creatively.

How to create a mood board:

1) Define what the mood board will capture

Is it for your work goals, travel goals, wedding goals, life’s hopes and dreams or goals for 2018!

2) Do you want to make a physical or digital mood board?

I used Canva to create my mood board using their simple photo collage template. It’s so easy to use. You can play around with colours, fonts and add photo’s, inspirational quotes, icons and illustrations. If you’re using a physical mood board, then start collecting images from your favourite magazines, fashion, style or travel photos, inspirational photos or illustrations. Plus typography, words or quotes that appeal to you or colours or fabrics that you like.

3) Arrange your images

Play around placing the photos, illustrations and object until you have created a beautiful collage that represents your desired goals and what you want to project as a vision of where you want to be.

4) Display where you will see it daily

Display your mood board where you will see it daily, maybe in your bedroom, stuck on the fridge, by your desk, anywhere you will see it frequently. Keep checking in with how you feel about what you see. Is there anything on the mood board that doesn’t sit quite right with you, maybe you’ve added something on there which you think should be there but perhaps it turns out is not one of your desires. Do take time to re-evaluate and change if necessary. Or maybe something scares you, but you need to “feel the fear and do it anyway!”

5) Update regularly with your hopes and dreams

Your hopes and desires will change with time so remember to update the mood board as you see fit, which may be when you see a new image that captures something new that you would like to do or try. Or create a new one each January like I do.

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Mood board, visualise your goals

Mood Board - Visualise Your Goals

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