Obonjan Review – How to Get the Best Out of Your Stay!

Obonjan Review - How to Get the Best Out of Your Stay!

On an enchanted island, just a 20-minute boat ride from the Croatian mainland is Obonjan, a wellness and eco-festival resort surrounded by natural beauty.

The sparkling turquoise waters of the Adriatic sea, the breathtaking views of the neighbouring islands and the hum of the cicadas – this island life, Obonhan is all that you want it to be. There’s so much on offer, but there’s absolutely no pressure on this idyllic holiday, you can do as much or as little as you like.

The schedule includes yoga three or four times a day, plus there are early morning runs, mediation, sound baths, reiki, inspiring eco talks and films to enjoy.

All are worth investing in as they’ve been expertly curated and will add a little magic and inspiration to your stay.

The bars are open all day just like any regular holiday destination with DJ sessions every evening into the early hours.

The South Island is quiet and complete with stunningly beautiful views. We were staying right next to the superbly located forest yoga platform. We were able to hop out of bed most days, freshen up and be on a yoga mat within 10 minutes for an early morning session.

To get the best out of your stay on Obonjan, I recommend:

1) Book accommodation with an ocean view.

Picture this – you arrive back to your lodge after early evening yoga and pour a glass to enjoy on your terrace while watching the sun go down. I promise you, your appreciation of life will skyrocket. (Remember to buy supplies on the mainland to stock your fridge).

2) Let check-in staff take your bag to your accommodation

When you arrive by boat and check-in, the staff will take your bags to your accommodation. Don’t carry them as the island is hilly and it won’t be the best start to your stay.

3) Check the restaurant opening times

The food is delicious, but the restaurants have set opening times so check the times on arrival. We walked all around the island looking for brunch but found we had to wait until lunchtime opening. Not good with a sore head.

4) Tip the waiters in the East Harbour

If there’s a group of you, then do tip the waiters at the East Harbour, where most of the nightlife is. Then they’ll keep an eye out for you and collect your drinks orders while you’re dancing.

5) Take earplugs

Take earplugs, and then you can party, sleep and enjoy all of what the island has to offer.

6) Try different types of yoga and discover something new

Try different types of yoga and discover something new. There’s flow, yin, hatha, ayurvedic and we indulged in a whole hour of yoga breath-work. I’m now a convert to yin yoga after my stay on the island.

7) Don’t miss the rise and shine yoga at 7.30am

Don’t miss Paula’s rise and shine yoga at 7.30am. It’s pure delight performing a warrior two while the glorious sun is rising across the East Harbour. Paula’s ‘it’s no big deal’ suggestions helped me to connect to the core and just glide into some of the poses. She’s a genius, and her soothing voice and soft flow style created a yoga and mindfulness session all rolled into one. Do this early in your stay as it’s the best possible start to the day and it’s so good that it’s addictive.

8) Try a blissful massage with reiki or crystal healing at the Spa

Try one of Jade’s blissful massages with Reiki or Crystal Healing at the Spa, outdoors on a bed in the forest.

9) Visit the sound sanctuary for a sound bath

Visit the sound sanctuary for a sound bath. I discovered these on Obanjan, and I’m now hunting them down around London.

10) Go paddle boarding

Go paddle boarding. It was the highlight of our last day. A lovely chap called Harraway guided us around a neighbouring island and taught us how to pull some yoga and dance moves while on the board.

Here are some recommended excursions:

  • We took an organised tour by boat to Krka National Park where there is a magnificent waterfall. This trip is quite pricey at €120, but this does include a 3-course lunch at a lovely Krka restaurant. The waterfall is very touristy, and you can swim near the waterfall but not right up to it. If I went again, I would ask the driver to stop at the Krka muscle farm little shacks on the way back for a snack and tipple.

  • We hired a boat for the day to visit some of the other neighbouring islands and lush swimming spots. I’d recommend doing this as a half day trip. We went for lunch at Konoba Kunjka on Kaprije island. So many types of fish to choose from, prepared and barbecued and served with love. Please note they only accept cash.

We booked both with Kreso, full name Krešimir Stanko who was terrific. He will organise any trip you request. We also booked our taxi and boat transfers to Obonjan with Kreso. kresimir.stanko@amazoninternational.hr

A whole week of being kind to myself and enjoying the magical island of Obonjan with friends had a powerful effect on me, and I didn’t come back down to earth until at least a week afterwards. I would go back to Obonjan in a heartbeat.

Soul and Surf curated the week that we were at Obonjan, Hayley taught many of the yoga classes and founder Ed did a brilliant inspirational talk. They also introduced Sam Bleakley, a champion surfer, travel writer and filmmaker who did a Q&A session and showed one of his amazing eye-opening and thought-provoking documentaries.

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Obonjan - How to Get the Best Out of Your Stay

Obonjan Review - How to Get the Best Out of Your Stay!

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