6 Steps to Identify Your Personal Brand and Why You Need One

6 Steps to Identify Your Personal Brand and Why You Need One

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Jeff Bezos CEO Amazon

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. It’s essential to take control of your personal brand if you want to raise your profile. Good personal branding can help you get the job you want, build your network and create new opportunities for you.

How you look, how you speak and how you act is your personal brand.

Did you know that 70% of recruiters and hiring managers will Google you when they get your CV? What they see on your social media channels may very well influence their decision to offer you a job.

Google yourself, which page do you appear on? If you feature on page one, then you’re in a good position. If you’re competing with lots of others with the same name as you, then it’s likely you’ll appear a few pages in. In this case, you may need to do a bit more work to try to get on page one. If you appear on the first page, then you’re more likely to get picked for those inbound opportunities that are out there. Is the available information showing you in the best light? Could it be better?

How to identify your personal brand?

People buy people, and you need a brand that companies and people respect. To create your branding, you need to identify your values, tone and image and here’s how:

1. Create a personal values mind map. Brainstorm your values and what’s important to you?

2. How do you want people to perceive you? What’s your desired perception?

3. Ask five people what they think your personal brand is. What do others notice about you? What do they think is the one thing that lights you up? What are your passions? What achievements are you most proud of? What’s the one thing that your friends would call you to help them with?

4. Look at who you admire – why do you admire them? Have you got things in common with them?

5. How would you want a journalist to write about your work? What would they write, what photo would they use and what would they say is interesting about you?

6. What’s your personal “elevator pitch.” Your elevator pitch is a short, pre-prepared speech that explains what you do, clearly and succinctly. What’s your “I help x with y”?

Think forward about your brand – where do you want to be in five years and play it forward. Personal Branding doesn’t happen overnight so start doing what you want to be known for and make that your priority. Learn to be brilliant at what you do, people will notice. You can fake it until you make it!

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde

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6 steps to identify your personal brand and why you need one

6 Steps to Identify Your Personal Brand and Why You Need One

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