60+ Power Resume Words to go from Good to AMAZING!

60+ Words to Power Up Your Resume from Good to AMAZING!

Here are 60+ Words to “Power Up” your Resume from Good to AMAZING! I’ve mentioned how important it is to use the correct language in “How to Write a Killer Resume”.

There are four things you need to do to power pack your resume with the right pewer resume words to make YOU the perfect candidate and land you the job you want:

  1. Mirror the language/buzzwords used in the advertisement/job spec
  2. Mirror the companies values/missions statement somewhere on a line in your resume
  3. Use keywords including specific skills you have, industry buzzwords, systems and methods you’ve used
  4. Sprinkle action power words throughout your resume

Let’s look at all of these in more detail:

1) Mirror the language/buzzwords used in the advertisement/job spec

When you see a job you want to apply for, check the language used in the job advertisement and mirror some of it on your resume. If the advert says you’ll be “creating monthly Management Information for Senior Stakeholders”, and your resume currently says that you “produce management reports” tweak the language on your resume to match the advertisement.

Don’t copy it word for word but you could say “produce weekly and monthly Management Information for Programme and Senior Stakeholders”. Obviously, make sure that you did actually do that and you can talk about it comfortably at interview.

Using the same language helps the recruiter identify you as an amazing candidate as you have the relevant skills, but you will also be an excellent cultural fit for their client. It also lets the recruiter and the hiring manager know that you are speaking the same language and that you would easily be able to do that role and fit into their team.

This will give them a good feeling about you and their impression of you before they meet you will already be good so your one step ahead of the competition!

It’s important to mention here that your Linkedin profile needs to tell a perfect story too as the recruiter and the hiring manager WILL google you and look at your Linkedin profile – read more about this here.

2) Mirror the companies values/missions statement somewhere on a line on your resume

Check the companies values and mission statement on their website and try to intertwine similar language they have used in their values and mission statement into your resume. Either mirror it somewhere on your profile or your most recent role. Again not word for word but use the essence of it.

This helps the recruiter and hiring manager identify that culturally you will be a good fit for that company. Don’t underestimate “cultural fit” as most companies including large corporates want their people to live and breath their culture.

If it’s on your resume in black and white, you’ll get a tick in the box to help you towards getting that all-important interview with them.

3) Use keywords including specific skills you have, industry buzzwords, systems and methods you’ve used

Recruitment agencies and large corporates will search for candidates in their database by using key search words that they will find in the job spec, so language is essential to get your resume selected.

Think keywords such as skills and expertise, systems or methodologies used, industry-specific buzzwords, qualifications and affiliations.

As an example “I recruit and manage trainers for large national and global system implementation and business transformation projects.”

All highlighted are keywords that a recruiter might look for when searching their database for the right candidate.

Skill keyword is “recruit.”

Industry-specific keywords/buzzwords are “trainers” “system implementation” “business transformation”.

And the job spec might be recruiting for a national or global training project so I would include these keywords too.

All of these help me to get found by the recruiter when they search their database when a new role comes in.

So use language to match the role that you are applying for and also to be found in the recruiter’s database.

3) Now use some of these power resume words

They are all action words and will add rocket fuel to your resume. Only use those that are relevant to you, your level of work and industry. Sprinkle some of these words in your resume, and the recruiter and hiring manager will see you as someone who gets things done, is a high achiever and often leading yourself and others.

In other words a fantastic candidate and an asset to any team and company!

Here’s the downloadable list of 60+ Words to “Power Up” your Resume from Good to AMAZING!

60 plus power up words for your resume

I know it sounds like there’s a lot to do to get your resume in fantastic shape but remember you are competing against others for your next job, so you need to stand above the competition.

If you put in the work now, it WILL pay off!

I’ve split the above into three clear steps to make it easy for you to action. Follow them one by one, and it will be easier than you think to make the changes.

Remember doing this will be the difference in getting a good job and a great job!


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Which are your favourite power-up words? I’d love to hear how using language can improve your resume.

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60 words to power up your resume from good to amazing

60+ Power Resume Words to go from Good to AMAZING!

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