Career Leap With Confidence!


Career Leap With Confidence is for women who want to realise their worth and get hired in a job they love with bigger financial rewards!



Is there something deep down stopping you getting the amazing career you’d love to have?

Do you feel like your head is full of negative self-talk and self-doubt and you’re constantly comparing yourself to others?

Do you find yourself feeling stuck but don’t know what steps to take to fix your career?

Would you like to:

🌟 Use the SUPERPOWERS and CONFIDENCE you never knew you had to enable you to get the career you never thought you could!

🌟 Be in a job you LOVE

🌟 Be earning more MONEY


🌟 Finally, feel like YOU MADE IT!

If so, I can help you do this with my coaching program Career Leap With Confidence!

You will:

🔥Get super targeted and know how to pitch and market yourself so you have recruiters, headhunters and hiring managers wanting only you for interview

🔥Get rid of the unhelpful negative self-talk and self-doubt that’s holding you back and stop constantly comparing yourself to others

🔥Amplify your job search with my IG (Interview Generator) system that takes the sweat and emotion out of job searching and gets predictable results creating opportunities and interviews for you

🔥Know how to nail your interviews and negotiate so you get the offer with bigger financial rewards

🔥Have a method you can rinse and repeat easily to climb the career ladder always earning more money!

This is 8 x 90 min zoom sessions done in 4 weeks – 2 sessions a week

Why work with me…

I was a No 1 recruiter for 7 years and I’ve reviewed 1000’s of resumes and spent 1000’s of hours on Linkedin finding and vetting candidates for jobs.

I’ve placed 100’s of job seekers at all levels on projects for global and national companies in almost every industry👇👇

I’ve placed people at over 100 companies and you will have heard of all of them as they are big brand names.

This means I know how recruiters and hiring managers operate and what they look for when selecting candidates 😁

Before I became a coach, I used this exact strategy to get two successful careers. Both earning 6 figures. Now I show my clients how they can easily get the successful and fulfilling career they desire using the same winning strategy.

It’s my mission to help propel women to get the amazing career they want right NOW!


Ready to start living again?

Ready to realise your worth and get a job you love with bigger financial rewards?

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Here’s what my amazing clients say about Career Leap With Confidence:

“I was feeling very lost and unsure of where I was going. I was having an identity crisis! For the first time in my life, I feel like I can say I understand who I am and the path I’m looking to take. ” Becca, Marketing Director

“By working with Jo I was able to see fantastic results. Jo helped me gain a clearer direction for my career and take advantage of my skill sets as an L&D practitioner. This has led me to land a successful role in a new company which has awarded me to be more financially independent. Huge thanks to Jo for this push and help to get me to where I am today!” Charnell, Learning & Development Manager

“I feel that I have gained more control over areas of my life that were starting to overwhelm me. I also felt I had a breakthrough in mindset in how I view myself and let other’s judgements affect me. It’s amazing that I have made this much progress with my mindset in just a few sessions with Jo.” Emma, Education Coach

“Everyone needs coaching, especially senior executives returning to work from maternity leave. It’s hard to be a new mum, a wife and have a demanding job. Coaching was crucial for me to decide where should I go next and figure out what is important for me personally and professionally. Jo is an amazing coach with a wealth of professional and personal experience.  She brings this in-depth knowledge and experience in coaching sessions, which is always inspiring!” Madona, HR Executive

“The Career Leap With Confidence has made a huge difference to my confidence and I would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to improve something about themselves in a safe, understanding, caring environment, Jo is the coach for you!” Celeste, Project Manager

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