Get Hired Fast Bootcamp


The Get Hired Fast Bootcamp is for you if you want to flip the switch on your job search and get interviews and hired fast.



I’m looking for women who are ready to get hired in a job they love.
This is for you if you are an action taker and are prepared to do things differently.
Here’s what you get:
🔥A CV & Linkedin profile that gets you noticed as a perfect candidate and Recruiters & Hiring Managers want to book you for interview.
🔥The second thing you get is to amplify your job search with my IG (Interview Generator) system where you take exactly the right steps each day to land interviews. It’s literally a plug and play no-sweat system that removes the emotion from your job search as you focus on doing only the right actions to get you predictable results. Some clients use this system and get interviews the next day. It’s that powerful!
🔥The last thing you get is to know how to be No 1 at interview. Some people focus on just the practical interview techniques whereas I will help you create interview answers that 💯 connect with the Hiring Manager so you get hired.
This is for you if you want to invest in yourself and learn and use new tactics to get quick results.
This is not for you if you don’t know what job you want or have confidence issues as I have another program for that.
Bottom line.
We do 4 x 90 min sessions. We do 2 sessions a week because you want a quick result, right?
If you want to join my GET HIRED FAST BOOTCAMP speak to me here👇

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Here’s what my amazing clients say about my coaching:

“I was feeling very lost and unsure of where I was going. I was having an identity crisis! For the first time in my life, I feel like I can say I understand who I am and the path I’m looking to take. ” Becca, Marketing Director

“By working with Jo I was able to see fantastic results. Jo helped me gain a clearer direction for my career and take advantage of my skill sets as an L&D practitioner. This has led me to land a successful role in a new company which has awarded me to be more financially independent. Huge thanks to Jo for this push and help to get me to where I am today!” Charnell, Learning & Development Manager

“I feel that I have gained more control over areas of my life that were starting to overwhelm me. I also felt I had a breakthrough in mindset in how I view myself and let other’s judgements affect me. It’s amazing that I have made this much progress with my mindset in just a few sessions with Jo.” Emma, Education Coach

“Everyone needs coaching, especially senior executives returning to work from maternity leave. It’s hard to be a new mum, a wife and have a demanding job. Coaching was crucial for me to decide where should I go next and figure out what is important for me personally and professionally. Jo is an amazing coach with a wealth of professional and personal experience.  She brings this in-depth knowledge and experience in coaching sessions, which is always inspiring!” Madona, HR Executive

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