Sound Baths – The Easy Way to Meditate and De-Stress

Sound Baths - The Easy Way to Meditate and De-Stress

The first time I did a sound bath was at the Sound Sanctuary on Obanjan. I was blown away by how relaxed and beautifully calm I felt for the days that followed. I literally felt reborn and super connected with the earth, and I also noticed that I started to have lots of creative ideas that have led me on this journey to create Work It Sister.

Healing Sounds Baths – what are they?

What’s fantastic about sound baths is it takes little commitment from you as you lie down and get cosy under a blanket, cover your eyes with an eye pillow, relax and let the magical sounds wash over you.

A deep meditative state occurs quite naturally as your brainwaves and body synchronise to let the healing take place, as you tune into the beautiful sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, shamanic drums, chimes and rain sticks.

Each of the sounds invokes a different response as you feel the sound vibrations running through your body.

There’s something quite primal and yet strangely unfamiliar about the sounds you hear, you just tune in and drift off.

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

I’ve since been searching for sound baths in East London, and I came across a Cacao Ceremony, and Sacred Sounds healing with Sonia Anderson. It sounded fascinating, so I thought I would give it a go.

Sonia started the session with a prompt to clear out our mental cupboards and let go of anything that doesn’t serve us with a group chant from Deepak Chopra. More chanting followed then deep breathing and winding down, creating a calm and chilled atmosphere.

Before we headed into the Cacao Ceremony, Sonia explained that Cacao (raw chocolate) is a plant medicine that has been used in ceremony in Central and South America for thousands of years and this particular cacao was from Peru and farmed with love.

To drink Cacao in ceremony allows us to reconnect with our hearts and our deep inner guidance. Cacao is known as a heart centred anchor encouraging more love and less fear so we can see more clearly the opportunities available to us. It sounds impressive, doesn’t it!

Sonia poured the Cacao which looks like a thick chocolate milkshake in a small cup for each of us. We held the cacao close to our hearts for a final meditating chant before drinking the bitter chocolate drink and then settling down for our healing sound meditation.

Sonia then surrounded us with unusual sounds for about an hour, and I came away feeling recharged and sublime.

What’s a Gong Bath?

A Gong bath is slightly different healing sound experience as you will only hear the gong. The gong is a mighty and majestic instrument and can send you into a lovely deep and relaxing meditative state. You literally feel like the sound is part of you as the vibrations ripple through your body and your mind takes a wander. Leo Cosendai runs Gong Bath sessions all across London and has an app with some free content called Third Ear or subscribe and use the promo code THIRDEAR1 to get all content for your first month free.

Healing sound meditations – gong and sound baths are such an easy way to recharge and de-stress. With such little participation required from you in these relaxing sessions, it’s incredible how remarkably chilled out you feel afterwards. All of the hustle and bustle of everyday stresses and strains disappear and you feel like going home to have a proper good long sleep.

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Sound Baths - The easy way to de-stress

Sound Baths - The Easy Way to Meditate and De-Stress

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