What To Do When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You – Take Back Your Power!

what to do when your boss doesn't like you

This has been a hot topic for me for the past few weeks as I’ve had three friends ask my advice about how to improve their relationship with their manager. Here I’ll share with you, why a good relationship with your manager can propel or stall your career and what to do when your boss doesn’t like you.

Does Your Manager Like You?

Your boss doesn’t always have to like you, but it does help enormously if they do. In general, if your boss doesn’t like you but you do a good job for them and, you’re low maintenance from a management/personnel point of view then they’re likely to like working with you.

Liking you and liking working with you are two different things but as long as your boss does one of these things, then you’ll have good opportunities for moving forward in your career.

Your Manager Holds A Lot Of Power Over Your Career

One thing to remember is that managers hold a lot of power and they also mix with more senior managers. So, just as you have meetings with your manager to discuss your performance, your manager will also be having one-to-ones with their managers. Some of the discussion that your manager has with their boss may be about you and your performance!

Do They Champion You To Others?

If your manager likes you or likes working with you, they will be championing you to others, like their boss for example. Your manager spreading good words about you can be amazingly helpful to your career as you’re more likely to be considered for new opportunities or projects.

It’s Hard To Progress If Your Boss Doesn’t Say Good Things About You To Others

Similarly, it’s tough to progress in an organisation if your manager doesn’t like you or doesn’t think you do a good job as the story they’ll tell about you to their boss and possibly other managers is unlikely to hold you in a good light.

When I was a contractor for seven years I knew my contract extension or even my next role could be based on what my manager would say about me to their manager, their peers and naturally to my new future boss when they give me a reference.

Here’s Why A Good Relationship With Your Boss Matters

In this day and age where many of us work on shorter-term contracts and companies reorganise regularly (many yearly) it’s even more critical for you to cultivate a good relationship with your boss. You want to be the person they want to promote, offer new projects or keep on in a reorganisation.

I should point out that not all managers are the same and some are good and bad. Some will like you and others not so much and some will see the value of your work and others not so much. Let’s face it most of us have had one boss that didn’t quite get us.

The point is that if you’re having a tricky relationship with your manager then you may wish to consider your options and whether it’s a good idea to stay in a position where your manager might be hindering your career opportunities.

I’ve seen two friends recently change jobs because their manager couldn’t see their value and was not sharing good messages about them to more senior people. Both left the companies they worked for and got new jobs because they couldn’t progress their career in that environment.

I should also point out that toxic bosses, the ones that don’t champion you to others or will happily throw you under the bus will stall your career and most likely leave you feeling emotionally drained too.

How To Assess If Your Relationship With Your Manager Is Salvageable

If your relationship with your boss is in trouble then you’re in a difficult situation and you may wish to assess what this means for you, not just right now but also for your future. If you’re serious about your career then why waste time in a job where your opportunities are limited?

If you answer no to these three questions then your relationship with your boss is difficult and it could be a good time to move on:

1) Does your boss like you?
2) Does your boss think that you do a good job for them?
3) Do you think your boss is saying good things about you to their manager or their peers?

What To Do When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

If you are in this situation, then it’s very likely that you are feeling stressed. You’re possibly also scared about what to do next and feeling powerless over the situation.

The first thing to do is congratulate yourself on having recognised that something is wrong.

Now Is The Time To Take Back Your Power!

You don’t need to stay in a job where you will be under appreciated. For whatever reason, the relationship with your boss is not a good one but, that does not mean that you have to stick with it or even try to turn it around.

Who do you know that has stayed in the same job for their whole career? Not many people right? You’re going to move on at some point so why not make the move sooner rather than later.

My advice is to stop worrying about your situation with your boss. It’s over!!!

Shift the focus to you!

It’s all about you now so take some time to invest in yourself. Start to do at least one thing or more each day to move towards a better future!!!

Consider your options, do you want a career move or career change?

If you’re going to look for work you’ll want to get new job ready so check out these blogs to help you. Once you have a banging resume and Linkedin profile you can start your job search. But remember to stay on good terms with your boss as you’ll need a reference from them too.

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what to do when your boss doesn't like you

What To Do When Your Boss Doesn\'t Like You - Take Back Your Power!

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