The NEW way to write a resume to get a job interview!

write a resume

In this post, I will share the NEW way to write a resume to get a job interview.

So WHY is there a NEW way to write a resume to get a job interview?

Your resume is not just your lovely collateral to brag about how amazing you are, or to document how fantastic your work experience is and why you are right for that job. Your resume is a tool to get you noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

If you spend a lot of time on Linkedin as I do, then you may see a fair bit of complaining from people about how unfair the recruiters and hiring managers are for not choosing them to ask to an interview. They applied for the role but nobody called them, and they are perfect for the job!!! Really???

Seriously, I read this almost daily on Linkedin. All of these people have one thing in common. They don’t know the NEW way to write a resume to get a job interview.

These days, your resume not only has to state how absolutely awesome you are and why you are perfect for that job, but it also has to get you past the “Application Tracking System” and into the recruiters or hiring managers hands.

What is the ATS?

The “Application Tracking System” (ATS) is used by most recruiters and some large corporates in the UK, US and elsewhere. It’s a system that is linked to the recruiters or companies website that’s a vast database that helps them manage their applications. Each role you apply for will have various criteria attached to it, and the ATS will pull out the best candidates that match that role’s criteria. The recruiter or hiring manager will then make contact with those applicants to have an initial conversation to verify they are suitable for the position and invite them to interview.

The ATS is an enormous time saver for a recruiter and hiring manager as it quickly pulls out the best candidates, so they don’t need to read 300 resumes. Recruiters particularly love this tool because they need to get back to clients quickly to book in interviews and fill the roles before their competition does.

Why should you care?

How in the heck will you get a job interview if you can’t beat the ATS?

You want YOUR RESUME to wiz straight to the top of the recruiter or hiring managers list every time!!! If it doesn’t, then you might never be considered for the role. That may sound harsh, but it’s true.

If your resume is not ATS friendly then in a lot of cases you might as well not have bothered applying for the role

Here’s the new way to write your resume to beat the ATS and get an interview:

1) Use a simple resume template that is ATS friendly

Complicated resume templates often have lots of tables on them, and the ATS consequently can’t read your resume. Use a simple resume template.

2) Write your Resume in a font the ATS can read

Arial, Calibri, Georgia and Helvetica are ATS friendly fonts so use any of these. I prefer Ariel as it’s more comfortable to read and looks cleaner. Remember that once your resume whizzes to the top of the ATS pile, then the recruiter or hiring manager will read it. Make it easy for them.

3) Add the full date for each of your jobs

Don’t be tempted to try to disguise time in-between jobs by not adding the full date. Again the ATS will not like this.

5) Use Keywords on your resume

Keywords are the companies you might have done client work for or partnered with to deliver a project. Systems and methodologies you’ve used. The skills and expertise you have. The industry buzzwords, qualifications and affiliations you have.

Add keywords in your profile, your skills and expertise list and throughout the roles that you have so they are not all in one place. Once the ATS has read your resume, it will be in the hands of the recruiter or hiring manager so, make sure it’s good for a human to read as well as the ATS.

6) Tailor each resume for each job you apply for

I know it’s a pain but trust me this will help you get an interview. By mirroring some of the language used in the job advertisement then you have a better chance of matching the criteria for the job on the ATS and having your resume read by the recruiter or hiring manager.

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That’s the NEW way to write a resume to get a job interview. Just by using these simple techniques to write your resume you will soon find that you are getting more calls from recruiters and hiring managers and getting that interview. You go, girl! I’m rooting for ya!!!

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Write a resume

The NEW way to write a resume to get a job interview!

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